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District 16 Senate


I'm enthusiastically seeking the South Dakota Senate seat for District 16. Your support during this campaign and your vote in November is very much appreciated!


Lifelong South Dakota resident


Farmer, Real Estate & Small Business Owner


Former School Board Member for over 9 years


Former State Senator 


Tax Paying Citizen 

Election Day Countdown to polls open:

Working for rural voters for real issues.

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Putting My Experience
to Work


I was born and raised in Lincoln County near Hudson, SD. My family homesteaded in this area and I am the proud owner of the family farm once owned by my great grandfather.


I married Linda Fisher in 1972 and we raised 3 daughters Nicole, Danielle and Heidi. I have 6 grandchildren that are all residents of South Dakota. I am also so fortunate that they are all close to me and I have the pleasure of being able to attend their many activities. In 2015 Linda passed away from an inoperable cancer. I remarried 4 years ago to Suzi Wells and inherited a step-daughter and her husband to which has since added a step granddaughter to our family.


I attended West Branch country school for 6 years and graduated from Hudson High School. I then graduated from South East Vocational Technical School with a degree in Diesel mechanics.


I worked as mechanic for a few years at an implement dealership. In 1976 I returned home to make my ‘fortune’ farming. Many hard and lean years followed and of course the Farm Crisis of the 70’s and 80’s. Surviving the Farm Crisis and applying the ‘you get what you work for’ attitude, I was able to proudly hold on to the land and to continue farming for many years.


I was on the local school board for over 9 proud years leaving only as I was the District #16 Senator in the 90’s. I have served on many civic organizations and positions at my local church. I am also a current member of the Pattee Creek Watershed Board, where I have served for over 33 years.


In 1981 my father and mother, Oscar ‘Smiley’ Larson Jr. and Lila, purchased a lucrative and unique business, known as Larson Sales, Inc. This was a wholesale distributorship for the new and innovative Dixon ZTR Mowers, with this distributorship came the exclusive rights to market the mowers in South and North Dakota and included Eastern Wyoming. They set out on this venture to show the world the zero-turn mowing was ‘The Future’! Certainly it was and the business grew! I proud to say that I was with this business from the beginning. In the early 90’s I was assigned to be the North Dakota Territory Manager for Larson Sales. Linda and I along with my brother Dave and his wife purchased the business in 1996. Linda and I purchased the business in 2006 from them and we continued the business while expanding with many other lines. This venture propelled us into the national scene, having many positive relationships with people, companies and distributors from all around the US and the world. I retired in 2021.


My years of farm upbringing, taught me my work ethic. The years of growing up in a Christian environment have taught to me love and respect for all people regardless of their race, creed, color or political beliefs. I have had the opportunity to travel and visit with people from many different countries and principles. This has made me a well-rounded person, who has experienced many facets of the world. Because of that, it serves me, and you, well to have someone who is able to respond to issues with an open mind. Being a youth of this caliber, my farming background and a small business owner, along with raising a family, have prepared me for this opportunity and ability to skillfully serve the great people of South Dakota District #16!


Today I am retired with real estate holdings, and a tax paying citizen, who understands that paying taxes is a part of that responsibility. Having been on the school board, and in the legislature, I am keenly aware of the huge obligation and need to be fiscally responsible with the tax payer’s money.


I was proud to serve you in all of my positions and it will be an honor to serve you again. I whole heartily appreciate your support and your vote in November

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My Core Beliefs


Education- I believe that if our youth are educated, we will ensure a solid future for South Dakota. Finding, supporting and retaining the top-notch teachers in our state will be paramount to the education of tomorrows leaders.

                                                                                               Health Care- Everybody deserves the best healthcare that we can offer. We are very fortunate here in SD to have the quality of care that may be associated with large, heavily populated metro areas. We have world class care here; we just need to ensure it is affordable for anyone when they need it.

Natural Resources- In South Dakota we are blessed to have an abundance of natural resources to ensure that our quality of
life is at the top of the scale.

Agriculture- Farming/Ranching has been instrumental to the health and economics of South Dakota since before we became a state. As a state government we can keep the farms in hands that will protect the land and thus the health and well-being of all of its people. Retaining the family farmer is the best future for our state.


Infrastructure- I will fight to have the necessary infrastructure to further the economic engine of South Dakota. We have all
seen, and enjoyed, the positive impact of the Interstate system and what it has done for all of us. I will work diligently to keep these types of projects in the forefront so as to make South Dakota the state that we cherish.

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Women's Rights- Empowerment for girls and women! We are all entitled to Human Rights! These include the right to body integrity; to live free from sexual violence and discrimination; and to earn an equal wage for equal work!

Family-Our families are the cement to the structure of our state and our lives. We must support and protect this structure at all costs

Military- Our freedom and we have the military men and women to thank for the unalienable rights that we all have and enjoy.

Thank You Veterans for your service and dedicated sacrifice to us and this great country!


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Election Day
November 8, 2022

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